The ‘R’ Family and 1 year old baby ‘W’ | Southern Oregon childrens portrait photographer

Baby ‘W’ is yet another one of the most adorable and CHUNKY babies I have had the pleasure of photographing recently. As you can see, those cheeks of his are irresistible! Our original plan was to shoot his 1 year portraits, and some family photos at one of Mom and Dad’s favorite locations, and then end it with an outdoor cake smash. So I loaded up my ever growing collection of props, and the cake, and headed out for the shoot. It all went very smoothly, until Mom and I went to decorate for the cake smash finale, and noticed that a huge chunk of the cake had been eaten by some roaming critter(s)! Seriously! We are pretty certain it was deer, since there were so many roaming around casually, who weren’t disturbed one bit by our presence. So, we went ahead and had another cake made, and re-shot the cake smash indoors. In the end, it was all good…and we even got a few shots of of the birthday boy, as well as the whole family, with those darn deer who have some impressively sweet teeth 😉 Thanks for being so helpful and fun Mom and Dad! Your sweet boy is just as precious and handsome as could be. Enjoy your preview 🙂

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