Surprise Gender Reveal! Southern Oregon professional maternity photographer

This has been one of my favorite sessions to date! I’m always a sucker for anything emotion packed, and search for those moments in every single session I shoot. It is so much more than just a photo, its a story. I gives people something to look at 20 years down the line, something for their kids and grandkids to look at, that creates the feeling that you are right there in that moment, and can feel what they were feeling at that time. The Sutton family and I have been working on several maternity projects since the beginning of Keela’s pregnancy with baby #2, and it has been SUCH a joy! Early on, we did a pregnancy announcement…which was so fun! This last round, we did the full blown gender reveal! When we posted some of the peeks on the facebook page, I cant count how many times people asked us, “How did you do it without the parents knowing already??”. I’m happy to answer that for all of those inquiring minds, 😉 First of all, it required Mom and Dad to be tormented with anxiety while they waited to find out, Ha! Actually, Jake & Keela went to a 4D ultrasound facility on a Friday, specifically for the purpose of getting the gender results. BUT, they were not allowed to peek when any parts came up on the screen! As soon as the Suttons left, the technician called me and told me the gender. It all happened to fall on a weekend that the family was going out of town, so they had to wait ALL weekend to come back and shoot the reveal session! Which was fine, because it gave us lots of time to craft and organize all of the color specific props 🙂 When Jake, Keela, and big brother Dylan came back that next Monday, Todd (my hubby, biz partner, and second shooter) and I were on location and had everything set up. When they got there, everything was tightly sealed and they truly did not find out until they opened “the box”. That was the whole point, to capture the emotion of that huge moment. And I think we did just that 🙂 So there’s the big answer to the #1 question. Now, enjoy the story….:)


First…a few from the pregnancy reveal!:

And THEN….the Gender Reveal!! Mom thought it was going to be a boy, Dad thought it was going to be a girl, and big brother Dylan thought it was a girl as well. So we started out by playing with some lips/mustaches on sticks to correlate to their guesses 😉



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