Spoiled N Sweet baby Genevieve | Southern Oregon professional newborn portrait photographer

I am behind on previews right now, and working super hard to get caught up….but I have been DYING to get this one up for my sweet friend, Jennifer. Jennifer is the owner/creator at Spoiled N Sweet Bowtique, who I work VERY close with in this newborn business. She makes the most incredible headbands, and I have been fortunate enough to build a great relationship with her and photograph so many of her gorgeous creations on my newborns. This time was particularly special, because this beautiful baby girl is all hers. Can you imagine owning a hopping headband boutique, and finding out your are going to have a baby girl?? Yeah….exactly. So we drove north a few hours and photographed her sweet baby Genevieve in so many of her Momma’s creations. She is just, the most gorgeous little girl. Truly. Petite, feminine little features. Ahh, she melts me 🙂 Love ya J, hope you enjoy the preview!

IMG_9007 L.IMG_9150 LIMG_9098 LIMG_9197 L1IMG_9044 LIMG_9317 L.IMG_9250 LIMG_9278 LIMG_9344 L.

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