R & D Engaged! | Northern California Photographer

I had a sweet session with this couple for their engagement portraits over the weekend. We had to shuffle the time around a bit, which made it very tricky for optimal lighting (which, when it comes right down to it, is probably the most important aspect in photography), but we still ended up getting plenty of lovely shots of them together. They were really fun to be around, and giggled and teased each other throughout most of the session. You can certainly tell how in love they are, and how excited they are about starting their lives together “officially”. Initially I was worried that I hadn’t got quite as many shots as I had hoped due to the strange and harsh lighting conditions, but as I was editing these this evening…I realized that I was worried for nothing! I have a tendancy to do that sometimes – worry for absolutely no good reason! Haha, well we all have our downfalls I suppose. So anyway, D…no worries, there will be tons to chose from when the final gallery gets posted. For now though, enjoy your preview 🙂

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