2 year old “L” | Yreka Childrens photographer

Mr. L is such a sweet guy! It took him a little bit to warm up to me, which threw me at first because usually kids take right to me (must be the Mom-of-3-under-3 thing!)…but we were great buddies by the end. Sometimes (always) toddlers make you work extra hard to get the shots, and as the photographer you either have to be really great at getting candids, or bring candy into the session, or both! So, that’s what I did 🙂 Mom initially wanted a few maternity shots (baby sister coming in a few short months) but changed her mind as the time got closer. Mom…maybe you thought I was kidding when I said I might sneak a shot, but I wasn’t. Hopefully you don’t hate me for taking this, but I just think this photo embodies everything beautiful about pregnancy…including the sweet way you are holding your belly, the smile radiating as you watch your firstborn play….Am I convincing you not to kill me yet? Hehe. Thanks for coming up to see me for your session (and allowing me to feed your kid a lollipop 😉 )…I hope you enjoy your preview!


4 week old Baby “L” | Yreka newborn photographer

This little man was the first of our mini sessions over the weekend, and he got things off to a fantastic start. Initially I said that I wouldn’t recommend babies under 5 months old book as an outdoor mini session, however I decided last minute to give it a go. Why not challenge myself? It was kind of a recipe for a not-so-smoothe session, however…baby L did great! At 4 weeks old, he was easier, and sleepier then a lot of 1 week old newborns I get. Just goes to show you…you really never know. Of course I didn’t have all off my normal newborn gear, and set-ups because it was just a mini session, but we made do with what we had and still ended up with several adorable photos. I can’t share them all of course, because I have to save some surprises for Mom and Dad…but for now, enjoy the preview 🙂

Meet Jaime! | Southern Oregon Portrait Photographer

I had such a fabulous time doing some portraits of J the other evening. I was able to use a new location that has now become my favorite sweet spot, and my gorgeous subject was willing to do whatever I asked of her. Maybe in hindsight she wishes she would have relinquished some of that, considering that she left the session with sticks in her pants and tender feet. Haha, I bet you’re thinking What?! But we had a great time, and have some amazing photos to show for it all. Jaime is a local relator here in the Southern Oregon area (Check out her page HERE and definitely get in touch with her if you are looking to buy/sell), and the goal of this session was to get her some updated head shots. We got those out of the way pretty quick, and then she allowed me to play a bit at the end. It was a great time, and here is a little preview 🙂

The “N” Family | Ashland Family Photographer

Its been 4 months since I saw this family for Baby R’s newborn session, and my goodness how they all have grown! They wanted to take the opportunity to do family photos while the Grandparents and Auntie were in town, so that is just what we did. It was fun seeing the kids starting to interact more now that the baby is growing older, and the family dynamic as a whole is changing. It was great to see you all again and meet the extended family, hope you enjoy your preview!

R & J celebrating marriage! | Southern Oregon Wedding Photographer

I had the honor of photographing the Mendoza wedding reception over the weekend. They were actually married in Vegas in June, so the event was strictly their reception. It was a fun take as a photographer, just photographing the reception activity…where the focus of the photography is on candid shots. The original plan was to also do a few formal portraits of the bride & groom and their families, but as things go…we ended up throwing all of our focus and energy into the social aspects of the celebration. A good time was had by all, and I thank you guys for chosing me to be a part of it 🙂 Cheers!

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