Newborn baby ‘K’ | Northern California Newborn Photographer

This gorgeous baby boy and his parents came to see me for his newborn session over the weekend, and I must say…he was quite the good little man! He was a great sleeper, thankfully…since I only had about half the time that I normally do  for a newborn session. That made me a bit nervous, but after all was said and done…I realized that I was worried for nothing! We still got some really great shots of him, and I truly adore the family photos that we achieved. Mom told me ahead of time about their family love for football, and about Dad being a football coach…so finding a way to incorporate that into the session was a top priority. There were some trickier shots that I wasn’t able to achieve with football gear, because of the time crunch…but luckily my backup plan (a custom football hat from Crafty Chics Photography Props) came in the mail right as we were in the middle of our session! So in the end, we got a “football” shot 🙂 And they were even kind enough to let me grab an extra quick shot of their little man in a Christmas hat for some holiday prep. Thanks guys! It was a pleasure meeting your beautiful family, and I hope you enjoy your preview!

My 3 Boys | Medford Oregon Childrens Photographer

When I tell people what I do, they always say “You must have a ton of amazing photos of your own kids.” I’m always kind of ashamed when I have to say, “Surprisingly, I don’t.”. Or, maybe I just say yeah yeah, and move on. But truth be told, I really don’t take photos of my own as much as I should. It makes me feel terrible because I take great photos of other people’s children on a weekly basis, but take very little of my own. I guess I just get so exhausted and busy with the client’s photos I plan, shoot, and edit…that it doesn’t leave much time or energy for me to produce many of my own children. SHAME ON ME. Seriously, I vowed to myself to be better about this, so that is what I am doing. I actually did not plan this session out, but rather was on a mach-2 grocery shopping trip with the kids when I saw a huge container of watermelons at the store, and that was it. I had actually been planning for several months, to do a Huck Finn inspired shoot with Kyle…as a fun summer, 2 1/2 year portrait, type of session. But I really just never got around to it. However, the darn tub of watermelon’s in the store lit off my creative switch…and eventually (like in 2 hours) this transpired. I knew of the perfect location, had a great idea for outfits, and of course…the watermelons! As a sidenote, I dont get too crazy with trying new editing techniques and such with client photos, but I feel entitled to do it with my own kids photos from time to time. So you will probably notice a few things that aren’t necessarily my usual style, but I decided to play around a little and see how it all flowed. Anywho, this my modern day Huck Finn, watermelon, summer-y, inspired session with my 3 boys. And, possibly the longest blog post of all time. But, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

‘D’ turns ONE | Southern Oregon baby photographer

Everything went so well during my session with this little sweetheart, I couldn’t be happier. Im really proud of how this cake smash turned out (with help from my amazing cake decorater Jessi Allen). I plan cake smash’s out way ahead of time, and make sure each one is custom and specific to the child(ren). So Mom told me about his love for Mickey Mouse, and mentioned that she likes to use a lot of blues with him to compliment his stunning blue eyes. So I took the clues she gave me and came up with this. I think it was perfectly fitting for him. And then later we finished his session up outdoors at one of my favorite locations. He was such a perfect little model for me, it really made my job easy peasy 🙂 So, here is a little preview of D (and his Momma)…


A First Birthday & Baptism | medford oregon childrens photographer

I got to spend a large portion of this past Saturday with this beautiful baby girl and her family (a whole lot of them!). It was a momumental day for her, as she was baptised and celebrated amongst a ton of family and friends. I was there to photograph both her baptism, as well as her first birthday party afterwards. I have a whole lot of photos to go through yet, but here is a little preview of her special day 🙂

Expecting Baby number 3! | Medford Oregon maternity Photographer

I had a really great time with this stunning Momma-to-be-for-the-third-time, and her family a few evenings back. I really feel so honored to be chosen by so many wonderful people and families, to document such special times in their lives. I will be meeting with this lovely family again in just a few short weeks after their new addition makes his big entrance. Thanks for being so trusting of me you guys, I hope you enjoy your preview 🙂