Newborn Baby D | Yreka Newborn Photographer

This little angel was born 4 weeks early, and was still just shy of 5 pounds when he came for his newborn session. Definitely the smallest newborn I have photographed yet. An extra special treat. He had the most adorable, poofy little lips and creamy smoothe skin. He was a total rockstar for me, sleeping through some of the most difficult sets, and transitioning well from one set to another. I really had a great time with baby D, his big brother, and their Momma. With 7 sessions on the books this week, my goal was to stay as caught up as possible…so I worked extra hard and got this preview done early. Yay me!! So without further ado, here is Baby D 🙂

Newborn Baby J | Medford Newborn Photographer

Meet baby J! If this little guy’s parents had told me he was 2 weeks older than he actually is, I wouldn’t have blinked an eye. He was incredibly alert, not very sleepy, and quite hungry. And that full head of gorgeous hair added even more to his look of maturity! When I get the “not-so-sleepy” babies, parents always worry that we didn’t get many shots. But I am happy to say that we ended up with several great shots of Baby J. Sometimes (almost always!) things don’t go exactly as planned with sessions involving little ones, but we do our best to go with the flow, and the mood that the baby sets. So we did just that, and in the end…the session was a success. I am thrilled that you guys chose me to photograph your little man’s first portraits! It was an honor meeting all of you (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and Baby J)! I hope you enjoy your preview 🙂

E family. 5 year old A and 3 year old Y | Medford Oregon Family Portrait Photographer

I had a great time photographing this family for their mini session over the weekend. It was definitely a bit tricky to work around the high noon blarring light, but in the end we found some great spots and ended up with some great portraits. Mom was absolutely gorgeous, and the kids were just as stunning. A and Y were so adorable and sweet to watch together. I can honestly say that I have never seen boy/girl siblings this young, get along so well. They really, really love each other so much. A takes on the roll of the protective and proud big brother, and Y just adores him so much in return. Just precious. Thanks for sweating it out with me E family, I hope you enjoy your preview!

P Family part 2 | Southern Oregon Family Photographer

I photographed this family a while back, and as we got about 30 minutes into the session the baby girls both fell asleep! So we had to reschedule the second half of their session in hopes of getting the little ladies in the shots with awake, happy faces. I am thrilled to say, we were successful this time around! It doesnt seem like it has been that long, but all 3 of their girls seem like they have changed and grown so much. This is the best part about photographing familes as they grow; seeing everyone develop, change, and become little people with sweet personalities all their own. There were so many great shots this time around, I cant wait to show you guys the full gallery. But to hold you over for the time being, enjoy your preview! (and ps…tell Madi Thanks for being my little assistant!)



2 year old L was the winner of our recent cutest child contest, and he definitely was a cutie! Don’t be fooled by his gorgeous features (tons of very blonde hair and stunning blue eyes)… this one was certainly “all boy”. Handsome. Smart. Lover of baseball. And airplanes. And……are you ready for this….completely potty trained! Yeah, I am so jealous! I had a great time chasing him (literally) around and capturing some of those sweet, natural, 2-year-old-boy moments. I will be working on his full gallery this week, but for the meantime…enjoy your preview Mom & Dad 🙂