The “N” Family | Ashland Family Photographer

Its been 4 months since I saw this family for Baby R’s newborn session, and my goodness how they all have grown! They wanted to take the opportunity to do family photos while the Grandparents and Auntie were in town, so that is just what we did. It was fun seeing the kids starting to interact more now that the baby is growing older, and the family dynamic as a whole is changing. It was great to see you all again and meet the extended family, hope you enjoy your preview!

R & J celebrating marriage! | Southern Oregon Wedding Photographer

I had the honor of photographing the Mendoza wedding reception over the weekend. They were actually married in Vegas in June, so the event was strictly their reception. It was a fun take as a photographer, just photographing the reception activity…where the focus of the photography is on candid shots. The original plan was to also do a few formal portraits of the bride & groom and their families, but as things go…we ended up throwing all of our focus and energy into the social aspects of the celebration. A good time was had by all, and I thank you guys for chosing me to be a part of it 🙂 Cheers!

(PS…you have to click on the slide show to start it)

The “M” Family | Ashland OR Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of spending yesterday evening with this sweet family. We had a last minute location switch that was a bit out of our control, but they were very cooperative and understanding (thanks guys!) as we moved to a new spot. They have 2 beautiful boys, who are happy and playful, and full of life and energy. They did amazingly well considering this was an evening session, where toddler/baby cooperation and participation is not always a given. It was fantastic meeting you all! I can’t wait to show you the full gallery, but for now please enjoy your preview 🙂

The “R” Family of 5 | Southern Oregon Family Portrait Photographer

Wow, I honestly could not say enough great things about this family! They are so full of love and support for each other, its just contagious. When you are around them, they make you feel like you are part of their family. The kids are all very mature, kind, helpful, and appreciative. Their Daddy has obviously done an outstanding job of raising them. The location and light were fantastic, the people were amazing, and the photographer was just completely thrilled 😉 Im so happy to get to share them with you all! So go ahead, swoon as much as you would like over the R family 🙂

Newborn Baby E | Medford Oregon Newborn Baby Photographer

Baby E was our second newborn session yesterday. The last few days have been a huge confirmation for me (although I didnt need any more confirming) that I am in love with what I do, AND that I have a special place in my photographer’s heart for newborns. They melt me, truly. Baby E was a dreamy little guy. I can usually predict how a session is going to go, within the first 5 minutes of posing the baby. Some are just great sleepers, and some just aren’t. I was certain this little man would be a challenge from the beginning, but he proved me completely wrong when he settled right down and slept through some really challenging shots. Maybe he just shaped right up because his Dad arrived! Funny, but that was the exact point in which he started doing very well. A Daddy’s boy already! I enjoyed meeting you all, you are a beautiful family! Enjoy your preview 🙂