Beautiful Baby A | Oregon Newborn Baby Photographer

Baby A came to us at 10 days new, and was such a gorgeous little sweetie pie. She had the most petite little features, and seemed to be quite the little diva in training! She was definitely a tough one, but in the end I was still happy with the shots I was able to capture of her. And so, I present to you…Baby A’s full preview, Enjoy 🙂

My babies turn ONE! | Medford Oregon cake smash baby portrait photographer

This was a VERY special cake smash session for me because, it’s my babies! I am posting this today in honor of their 1st birthday. Today, 7/1, is their actual birthday. I have several other “1 year old portraits” of them, and more yet to do, but I wanted to do a post completely dedicated to their birthday cake smash. It was SO much fun! We saw so much of their personalities shine through during this, and it was amazing to be able to document the entire thing. My first son wanted nothing to do with smashing his first birthday cake, but the twins wouldn’t have gone about it any other way than to destroy their cakes entirely. I planned the set-up and the color theme, blue and green (based on how I coordinate them all of the time), but had to make some spontaneous last second changes to the decor because of the availablity of what I was originally looking for. Nonetheless, I am thrilled with how it turned out. And I am very happy that we did this, along with their other 1st year portraits, because it was such a great memory and really highlights their little personalities. One of the most enjoyable parts of the entire smash session, was the end when we allowed their big brother to join in. The twins adore their big brother and the feeling is mutual on his behalf (even though he tortures them half the time). So, at last…here is Devin & Bryce’s complete cake smash series 🙂

Louise - December 12, 2013 - 5:11 am

These pics are gorgeous! I came across your images looking for ideas for my boys cake smash and this is just perfect. I coordinate my twin boys in blue and green also. Just wondering what is hanging in the background and what your original set idea was. Cheers

The “S” Family | Southern Oregon Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family today. I almost never get the full preview up on the day of the actual session, but I couldnt stay away from this one. There were so many shots that turned out AMAZING. I actually went to school with them (the big ones), and it was so nice to catch up. And I must say, they are head over heels in love, and it is beautiful. Like a storybook romance. It is so obvious and sweet, and you can see how much they adore each other. As well they should; they have made a beautiful family and are raising these boys that are so hansdome and well behaved. Boys will be boys, but these gentlemen were the easiest little ones I have yet to photograph. You guys made my job very easy! Trust me, the pleasure was all mine. Enjoy your preview!

Newborn Baby J | Medford Newborn Portrait Photographer

Baby Jorden is the handsome little man I call my nephew! He was 11 days old when we finally got his newborn session done; right on the cusp of the time frame I like to do newborns. He was a bit like his Mommy, in that he likes his sleep, and likes for it to be uninterrupted. And if he gets interrupted, he isnt happy about it! But with lots of delicate and smooth transitioning, we were able to pull of some beautiful shots. Look at all of his hair! Not only on that fuzzy little head, but on his whole body! You can take my word for it…it makes him extra cuddly. Enjoy the preview from his session 🙂

Baby Jorden Birth | Medford Oregon Birth Photographer

I wanted to take a minute to allow my personal and professional lives to converge, and share that with you all. My younger Sister gave birth to my first, most handsome newphew Jorden on May 18th. He came into the world at 38 weeks, as she was sent to the hospital for an induction per high blood pressure/pre-eclampsia. We all expected him to be a chunky little 9-ish pounder, but he showed up at 6lbs 11oz. With a head FULL of thick dark hair. And what we think will be blue eyes! Oh, and looking like a clone of his Daddy. Too cute for words. So, the plan all along was for me to first and foremost, be there as a supporter. Family member, sister, Auntie. And secondly, as the birth photographer. But, having a housefull of my own brood, that is, 3 under 2 and 1/2, and twins that dont sleep worth a darn, meant that I had to buzz home for the night in hopes that I could make it back in time when things started progressing. Well, I got the call at 2:30 in the morning that she had jumped from 2cm to 7cm in a half hour! And 15 minutes later I got the call that she was pushing. Anyway, long story short, I missed the actual birth. My heart still breaks every time I think about it. But I was there about 15 minutes later, and he was still on the warmer. So I got what I could. What I could actually see through all of the tears of joy I was shedding. I love my nephew to pieces, and I am so proud of the wonderful Mother my baby sister is to him. Here’s a few from Jorden’s “Birth Day”.