Welcome! | Medford Oregon Professional Photographer

Welcome to the new, official, Mandy Kay Photography website and blog! I am thrilled that you are here!

I’ve been working on this for the past 2 weeks now, although it may seem like its been longer. I had other website plans, but I scratched those and decided to do things differently, and by myself. So, first things first…the layout of everything is technically based on a blog format. And originally, this was just going to be my blog and then I would have had a separate web-site. But as I began working with this, I realized that I could easily make it function well as both my website, AND my blog. So that is exactly what it is. My website and my blog. You will find everything here you would have found on a stand alone web-site. I think it is WAY more convienient this way, to find the website information, as well as up to date blog posts, all in ONE place.

Ok, so let me show you around. At the top of the page is a menu bar. This is where everything is. When you click the “Home” button, it will take you to the blog part of the website. And that is where all of my blog posts will reside. This is where I will announce specials, keep you informed on what is happening with MKP, and post full session previews.

Next is the “About Me” tab. Nothing exciting really (from my perspective), just some general info about Me – Your Photographer. It’s a way for clients to get to know the person behind the camera.

Then, the “Pricing” tab. Hold your mouse over the Pricing button, and a drop-down menu will show up. And you will see 2 categories, “Sessions” and “Packages”. If you click on “Sessions” you will find some general information about how much sessions cost, and what the procedures are for booking/paying for a session. If you click on “Packages”, this will take you to a page that lists the different types of money-saving session packages we offer, for people looking to book more than one session at a time.

After that, is the “Galleries” tab. Under this, you will find some of my work with each type of session. Gives you an idea of what you will get if you book any of these sessions with me.

Next, “Information Pages”….is just some general information. The only thing under there at the moment, is a link to a site that explains why professional photographers charge what we do, and why people prefer to pay for “Custom Portraiture”. I will be adding several more items to this drop down menu in the coming weeks, so keep checking in on that.

And then “Client Proofing”. This rocks. I will be doing all of my client proofing here. Just click on the tab that says “Client Proofing” and it will show you a blurb about what this is for, etc. Basically, about a week after I have posted a full (optional) preview for a client(s), I will post their full gallery under this tab. It will be password protected, so that only the client(s), or anyone they chose to give the password to, will be able to view it. As soon as a gallery goes up, the client(s) will be notified, provided the password, and given further instruction on ordering prints, wall art, or other specialty products.

Then, “Categories”. Under this tab will be a drop down menu of all of the categories I have put certain blog posts under. So when I do a newborn session preview, it will go under Categories –> Newborns. A family session will go under Categories –> Families. And ETC. Right now there isnt really anything there because the site is brand new. But over time it will fill up.

The “Facebook” tab will take you straight to my facebook page. Become a fan by “liking” the page, and then tell all of your friends to “like” it also!

Lastly, the “Contact” tab gives people several easy options for contacting me. Email, phone, or the contact form built in.

Of course, I will be doing more fine tuning as time goes…but this is pretty much it for now. We will see how it works as is and make adjustments accordingly.

Thank You again, so much, for visiting MKP’s new home!