Newborn Twins Tilia & Harlan | Medford Oregon newborn twins photographer

I had a great time photographing Tilia & Harlan over the weekend! Obviously, as they are girl/boy twins they are fraternal, and I always find it so funny how different fraternal twins can be. I have identical twins myself, and there is so much that is alike in them. But with the fraternals I’ve spent time with, it feels almost like they are even more different than just regular singleton siblings. Fascinating! So T & H seem to be following suite, and seem quite different already. Although, it could be the massive 2+ pound weight difference in them as well 😉 T was the first born, and the bigger baby while H was just a teeny, petite little man. It changed the entire plan I had for their session, with her being so much larger. I had to scratch the whole “Brother taking hold of his sister and cradling her in hold” idea, and instead show them in their most natural and accurate state as newborns….which meant that T took on the role of the “Big” sister, literally. Here’s a sneak peek at their session 🙂

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