Newborn baby girl – day 12 | Southern Oregon professional newborn photographer

It was quite a busy weekend for me, but seeing all of these beautiful faces each time I have a new session reminds me repeatedly of why I am doing this. I absolutely cherish the privilege I am given time and time again, to meet new families and capture irreplaceable memories for them. I am a perfectionist to the 10th degree, and it is hugely important to me to take the time with each and every pose to make sure that everything I can control is right where I want it. That my creative vision is made tangible in each and every shot. I learn so much from every single session, and I don’t think that will ever go away. I think even after I’ve been at this for 10 and more years, I will still be learning a ton every day. For someone like me who thrives on intellectual stimulation, that is a luxurious feeling that helps me stay motivated and inspired. This sweet baby girl was one in the middle of a ton of boys i’ve had lately, so it was definitely fun to pull out the girly colors and play with it all. She did really well, despite being a tad beyond the age range that I normally photograph newborns in. She gave me a lot of smiles and I was able to capture most of them. You can see one here below, but I’ll have to save the rest for Mom & Dad’s final gallery. Enjoy the preview!

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