Newborn Baby E | Medford Oregon Newborn Baby Photographer

Baby E was our second newborn session yesterday. The last few days have been a huge confirmation for me (although I didnt need any more confirming) that I am in love with what I do, AND that I have a special place in my photographer’s heart for newborns. They melt me, truly. Baby E was a dreamy little guy. I can usually predict how a session is going to go, within the first 5 minutes of posing the baby. Some are just great sleepers, and some just aren’t. I was certain this little man would be a challenge from the beginning, but he proved me completely wrong when he settled right down and slept through some really challenging shots. Maybe he just shaped right up because his Dad arrived! Funny, but that was the exact point in which he started doing very well. A Daddy’s boy already! I enjoyed meeting you all, you are a beautiful family! Enjoy your preview 🙂

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