Newborn baby Colton | Northern California professional newborn photographer

Baby Colton is liable to be a handful for Mom & Dad in the future 😉 Well, maybe only if they have a camera pointed at him, haha! He was a tough little cookie and made us work for what we got, but I still feel great about all of the shots we did accomplish with him. He was a St. Patty’s day baby, so Mom really wanted to get a shot that had that symbol incorporated. Well, it was really the ONE shot C would not let us get, no matter how many soothing tricks I used. So, they came back by a couple days later to get that, and I am so happy that he settled for me this second time and let me get the shot! And he rocked it and looks super cute in it, so…we win 🙂 It was a pleasure meeting you guys, and I cant wait to be a part of documenting C’s first year. Enjoy your preview!

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