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It has been quite some time since I did any posts with my 3 boys, so here’s one to share. Beware, its long and in depth. LOL.

Kyle is 3. He looks like his Daddy and most people say he is the spitting image of my Dad, his Grandpa. (same red hair, ivory skin, etc). Now that he is getting older I can finally see some of myself in him… cheek bones, squinty smiley eyes…but most prominently, in his personality. Maybe it is the fact that we are both oldest children. I see something in his personality that reminds me of myself, but yet I admire it SO much in him. He is a perfectionist like me, and independent. But he has this never give up approach to everything he does. For example, he thoroughly enjoys puzzles right now. And he ask us to “play puzzles” with him, but rarely wants us to actually help him. He wants to do it all by himself. And sometimes, he gets pieces flip-flopped, and when he realizes he is somewhat stuck…he gets REALLY mad. He will have a mini tantrum over it, and we try to get him to LET US help him, but he will not. He insists on doing it himself. And he will sit there and move pieces back an forth, and no matter how long it takes him he NEVER gives up. Sometimes he will rip apart an entire puzzle and start over, but he will never give up until it is finished, and the way he wants it. Its the same with getting dressed by himself (socks are mostly what gives him an issue). I LOVE that in him, and I remind him constantly that he is doing a great job by sticking with it and never quitting. He is SUCH a lover. He comes up to us randomly every single day, multiple times, and says I Love You Momma. Or Daddy. We say it a lot around here too, to the point where visitors might think we are kinda strange. But hey, you can never say it enough. Discipline never works for him. If he is misbehaving, it is an attention thing, so he doesn’t care if its negative or positive, he’s just looking for some in general. And, spankings or time-outs just make him more rebellious (haha, that too was SO me as a kid). So really leveling with him is what works best. Explaining things to him like I’m talking to a ten year old, or adult even sometimes, is most effective. He likes to feel needed, important, and like he is part of making our family and household turn around each day. So I always make a special point to ask for his help in things (even if it actually makes it more work) and to graciously thank him for helping out so much. Nothing else makes him happier! He loves Cars Movie characters (Lightning McQueen & Mater!) and all things BOY. Including dirt, dinosaurs, tonka trucks, and his camo overalls. And he really LOVES his brothers to the moon and back. He’s an amazing kid, and we are so blessed to have him 🙂


Devin & Bryce are about 20 months old. People like to use the phrase “Double Trouble” when referring to twins, and let me tell you….that doesn’t even come close to describing these two! It’s a challenge right now, putting it lightly. But they have really developed into such characters, and we are adoring their little personalities.

Devin is “Baby A” – the older twin by 6 minutes. We have a million and one nicknames for him: Dev, Devy, Devy-Doo, Doo Bug, Bugger, Buggy….etc! Haha. He is our trouble maker. We always thought it would be Bryce, because Bryce was more outgoing in social situations, but Devin is a MISCHIEF MAKER EXTRAORDINAIRE! He’s done so many things that Kyle never did, and I never expected this time around. Like, getting into the refrigerator…pulling out the dining table chairs and climbing on top of the dining table…pulling out the bottom drawers in the kitchen to stand on top of and skim the countertops for anything off limits (including the stovetop!). He keeps us on our toes! But, he is a charming little man. He is very affectionate, and when he gives you a hug….its the warmest, most embracing hug you’ve ever received from a child. He wraps his arms completely around your neck (like his armpits are lined up with your ears) and holds tightly for several seconds. And then when he releases, he rubs his little cheek up against yours. And you would think that he would pull away after that, but nope….he will just sit on my lap and rub his face all over mine. Eskimo kisses, cheek cuddles. It’s crazy awesome. 🙂 He is wicked smart, which contributes to the mischief making…so I know that we will always have to keep him busy as he grows to keep him out of trouble. If he wants something, like a drink or help to get a toy, he comes up to us and say “Cues Me, Cues Me Momma”. SOOO cute! He is fantastic with sleeping, and tells us the second he is ready to go to bed. And will not go to bed until he tells Kyle goodnight. “Nigh Ky-Ky!”. He is sensitive, yet so brave and strong, and smart beyond words. Can never get enough of my little Devy-Bug!




Bryce. Our baby by 6 whole minutes. This is what I hear from him all day as he wizzes by me onto another exciting adventure… “Ay Momma! Ay Momma!” LOL. I love that he always acknowledges me when he comes by. And I say that he wizzes by, because that is exactly what he does. Like his Dad, he does everything at an amplified pace. Jetting from one thing to the next. He is such a sweet kid. He is great at sharing, and is always thinking about his brothers. He brought me 2 cups the other day and asked me for a drink in them. I filled one and he insisted I fill the other too. So I did, and then I watched as he took the second cup to Devin. It was one of the sweetest things i’ve ever seen between the twins. He has the best laugh, and laughs a lot. It’s contagious and adorable. He also probably has the loudest voice of anyone in our family (career as a singer/musician, perhaps?). I swear the kid can reach octaves that would shatter glass. And he knows its a talent because he will literally go to the center of the room with a suspicious grin on his face and just SCREAM….and when he stops to catch his breath, he looks all around to see what the reactions are…and then just laughs at himself. So funny! Sometimes he is a quiet observer, and other times he is the leader of the pack. I wonder if this is something that is classic of a youngest child. Even if only by 6 minutes. Either way, we kinda never know what he is going to do, and it all depends on his mood. But he is outgoing and fun, and seems to very much be life of the party in many cases….and I cant wait to watch this develop in him as he grows. <3

So there ya go! Our 3 busy, wild, adorable boys! And the inspiration behind all of this.


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