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I set some time aside yesterday (well, the entire day really) to get some Christmas photos of my boys and my nephew. I’m extremely close with my sister and nephew, so when we do something like this we always do it together. It’s always pretty nutty when we try to do photos of the kids, and we always know to go into it prepared and with perspective. Mentally, especially. LOL. So as was expected, it was pretty wild. But, I love the photos that we ended up with when all was said and done. And even factoring in the chaos, I knew I would do it, and will do it all again. Because I know we will all look back on these photos of our babies so young, and we wont remember one bit about how insanely challenging it was to accomplish, but the photos will remind us of the little (and big) things about our babies being so small. Their little chubby hands and cheeks, the way they interacted with each other, the puppy dog eyes they gave instead of a smile because they were so shy in front of the camera (Devin), what they looked like right before their very first Christmas (Jojo), and how blessed we were and still are to have them all. My psa for today is this: take pictures. Take TONS of pictures. Don’t forget to photograph (or get photographs taken of) your little one’s. Their delicate features (hands, eyelashes, toes), their candid interactions with others and the world around them, dressed up in their cutest outfits (thats the one we all actually do remember), them sleeping in such a calm and peace that is only tangible as a child, photos of YOU with them, and even of their bumps and bruises. You dont want to Forget A Thing. But you will. So, take the time to take the photos that will remind you.


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