My babies turn ONE! | Medford Oregon cake smash baby portrait photographer

This was a VERY special cake smash session for me because, it’s my babies! I am posting this today in honor of their 1st birthday. Today, 7/1, is their actual birthday. I have several other “1 year old portraits” of them, and more yet to do, but I wanted to do a post completely dedicated to their birthday cake smash. It was SO much fun! We saw so much of their personalities shine through during this, and it was amazing to be able to document the entire thing. My first son wanted nothing to do with smashing his first birthday cake, but the twins wouldn’t have gone about it any other way than to destroy their cakes entirely. I planned the set-up and the color theme, blue and green (based on how I coordinate them all of the time), but had to make some spontaneous last second changes to the decor because of the availablity of what I was originally looking for. Nonetheless, I am thrilled with how it turned out. And I am very happy that we did this, along with their other 1st year portraits, because it was such a great memory and really highlights their little personalities. One of the most enjoyable parts of the entire smash session, was the end when we allowed their big brother to join in. The twins adore their big brother and the feeling is mutual on his behalf (even though he tortures them half the time). So, at last…here is Devin & Bryce’s complete cake smash series 🙂

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