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When I tell people what I do, they always say “You must have a ton of amazing photos of your own kids.” I’m always kind of ashamed when I have to say, “Surprisingly, I don’t.”. Or, maybe I just say yeah yeah, and move on. But truth be told, I really don’t take photos of my own as much as I should. It makes me feel terrible because I take great photos of other people’s children on a weekly basis, but take very little of my own. I guess I just get so exhausted and busy with the client’s photos I plan, shoot, and edit…that it doesn’t leave much time or energy for me to produce many of my own children. SHAME ON ME. Seriously, I vowed to myself to be better about this, so that is what I am doing. I actually did not plan this session out, but rather was on a mach-2 grocery shopping trip with the kids when I saw a huge container of watermelons at the store, and that was it. I had actually been planning for several months, to do a Huck Finn inspired shoot with Kyle…as a fun summer, 2 1/2 year portrait, type of session. But I really just never got around to it. However, the darn tub of watermelon’s in the store lit off my creative switch…and eventually (like in 2 hours) this transpired. I knew of the perfect location, had a great idea for outfits, and of course…the watermelons! As a sidenote, I dont get too crazy with trying new editing techniques and such with client photos, but I feel entitled to do it with my own kids photos from time to time. So you will probably notice a few things that aren’t necessarily my usual style, but I decided to play around a little and see how it all flowed. Anywho, this my modern day Huck Finn, watermelon, summer-y, inspired session with my 3 boys. And, possibly the longest blog post of all time. But, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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