Mother & Son – E & G | Southern Oregon Family Photographer

I had a really great session with this Mommy and her incredibly handsome son yesterday. We were both worried at first that we might not get him to break out of his shell (he was being pretty shy), but ever the persistent photographer that I am (or rather, complete and utter gobber)…I was able to be silly and wacky enough that the smiles starting coming, and those unforgettable dimples started to appear. By the end of the session, he and I were buddies. I think in these instances, where kids need to warm up a bit to the idea of me, someone they dont know…clicking away a big machine of a camera close to them, it feels like a great accomplishment if I can really get kids out of that zone and back to laughing and playing and being their true selves. I’m certain that being a Mom to 3 young boys of my own, probably gives me a beneficial and inside perspective on the whole thing. And that comes in VERY handy! I can honestly say that to date, this is one of my favorite family sessions. It was absolutely impossible to chose the previews this time, and it will be even harder to narrow them all down for the final gallery. But hey, that is a GOOD problem to have..and I am thankful for that! It was such a pleasure to meet you both, enjoy your preview!

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