Madison – Class of 2013 | Medford Oregon senior portrait photographer

I think most everyone knows by now that I “specialize” in newborns, maternity, and babies. However….I LOVE that I shoot a little of everything in the “portrait” realm. From families, to weddings, to seniors. It is so refreshing to constantly challenge myself with different subjects, to capture proper portraits, as well as candid emotional moments, and everything in between. I am able to infuse my style, my vision, completely into everything I do. This is my passion, my interpretation of the world and how people connect to it and each other, and it means the world that all of you hang around to absorb some of it. I photographed Madi last week and she was so incredible. Beautiful, of course. But while her smile lights her eyes and face up, her gentle and relaxed face feels so “storytelling”. Captivating. I feel like I look at those expressions and see an intensity that I don’t always see with young adults this age. There is something in her eyes in those shots;  maturity, strong emotion…, deep connection. I cant quite put my finger on it, but when I saw it….I knew it would be important for me to capture it. Madi, you were a rockstar! I’ll photograph you anytime babe 😉 Enjoy your preview!

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