‘M’ Family Portraits | Medford Oregon professional portrait photographer

I really love doing family portraits during this time of year. I know, you’re thinking….during Fall with the Fall colors, right? Not completely. Although they are gorgeous during that time too. But I really, really love where the light falls and where it is in the sky in late Sept/early Oct. There are still some vibrant floral colors, and beautiful greens from Summer….but the Fall colors we are getting are oranges, and yellows…that are intense. As “Fall” truly comes and is transitioning….the colors are darker, and a little richer….which again, is still a great look. But, I’m extra partial to what the outdoors are doing right now, here in Southern Oregon. It matches my shooting style to a T, as I tend to like colorful and bright images. Anyway….off of the photographer rant…. ;-)~ It was so great catching up with the ‘M’ family! They are another family I have had the pleasure of photographing before, and it makes my heart so happy to know that clients WANT to come back to me again and again. And I am also grateful that I get to be a part of their journey as their kids grow and their family is ever changing. Such a privilege and blessing! It was so great seeing you guys again, I hope you enjoy your preview <3

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