Kai is 6 months! | Medford Oregon baby portrait photographer

This little stud muffin’ is one of my baby planners, and I have really had a great time watching him grow in his first 6 months! He is such a charmer with a soft, warm smile and bright captivating eyes. Not to mention his gentle and sweet personality. Can you tell that he has a special place in my heart already? 🙂 I am really happy with how this session pulled together, and was pleasantly shocked when Dad helped take the “baseball” shot I had in the plan, to a whole new level. Knowing that Dad is a football and track coach, and all-around sports guy…I wanted to use one of his baseball mits for a shot with the baby. He brought out a vintage, multi-generational baseball mit which was awesome! And then cautiously mentioned that he had a couple of really old baseballs that might help bring the shot together (verses my stark white, brand new baseballs I had brought along). He brings them out in display cases, and when he pulls one out I see the signature “Babe Ruth” on it. Are you kidding me?! SO amazing!! So look closely at that photo below, its the ball that is sitting in the mit. I always love when parents have something with meaning and significance for me to incorporate into the sets, but this one was quite a surprise. And, we managed to keep the teething baby from drooling on the ink. So everyone wins! Haha. Anyway…it was great seeing you guys again! Cant wait to do it again in 3 more months. Enjoy your preview!

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