Issac’s 1st birthday cake smash! | Northern California baby photographer

Hi, my name is Issac and I am a champion cake smasher. Haha! Seriously, this little man literally “takes the cake” amongst all of our cake smashers to date. He was absolutely hilarious to watch! In between his moments of intently focusing on his cake demolition, he would look up at his audience and give us all a huge cheeky grin. Like he was getting away with something really naughty, and thought it was quite hysterical that we were all letting him continue to do it. So funny! This was actually the second time this year I have photographed him, and it was really fun to see how much he has changed. He has certainly grown physically, but more prominently…his personality has exploded. He is very outgoing and personable, and you cant help but smile when you are around him. My trusty assistant (my hubby) and I had a fun time as well working out this set to flow well with Mom’s taste and vision. Overall joy 🙂 Thanks for bringing him back to see me Flo, enjoy your preview!

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