Halloween with my boys | Medford Oregon Childrens Photographer

I don’t often post on here about my personal life, but I figured I would sneak a little something in. Just because it was Halloween, and i’m pretty excited to show off how cute my little munchkins and my adorable nephew looked in their costumes. I literally shot for just about 15 minutes for all of what I got, because well…sometimes thats all you have with multiple kids under the age of 3! I originally wanted to do Kyle’s photos in the middle of a long open road (ya know…the whole car/racetrack theme) but, safety first always…and I couldn’t quite make that happen. My husband tells me that I make every event into a photo-op. My response to that is, umm yeah? Obviously! Hehe. No really, I vowed to myself recently that I would make a much better effort to document my own family’s life better than I had been doing. I spend an extraordinary amount of time doing this for other families, and giving them custom, unique, and professional portraits of them and their’s, so it just didnt make sense that I could be so busy that I would miss this opportunity with my own. Before I was a professional photographer, I remember always thinking how I wished we had a photographer in the family that could take amazing, unordinary, photos for us. And now, several years later, I am that person. So I feel a certain duty and responsibility to ensure that everything is documented WELL. I am blessed with this knowledge and skill, and the ability to create beautiful portraits. And I know I should take full advantage of that. So anyway, here’s something a little out of the ordinary, and just for fun. My 3 boys and my nephew 🙂

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