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My history with this family goes back quite a ways. I went to grammar school with Josh (Dad) and his brothers, and high school with he and Rachel (Mom). Rachel and I were friends in high school, and then several years later when we were all having kids, we both had twins….just 6 months apart. I love having history with clients/friends like that, because it makes it so comfortable and easy to shoot a session and communicate the relationships that you’ve watched grow over the years. And even Rachel said, nobody can photograph twins like another twin parent! Its so true. After I had my first (singleton)….having twins after that was like being a first time Mom all over again. Everything was totally different. And I think that is the part that most people don’t understand. Its not just adding “one more” and it is NOT easier because they have each other to play with. It’s just totally different, in great…amazing, priveledged ways, as well as very challenging ways. I always say, 3 month olds and 2-3 year olds are usually the hardest to photograph period. And in this session, we basically had 3 kids in those exact age ranges, LOL. It was challenging, but I will say this….Josh & Rachel are some of the most loving and PATIENT parents I have ever met. And their oldest son….probably the best behaved 2 year old i’ve ever photographed. Every single thing we asked of him, he did without any resistance. It was astonishing, really. Sissy was good too, just took some work to shake the scowl from 😉 Anyway, it was great seeing you guys!! Enjoy your preview! 🙂

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