Daddy & babies – feature | Southern Oregon baby photographer

I finished editing this session today, and I couldn’t get over the last shots we did with this Daddy and his beautiful babies. Every shot was a keeper, and so sweet. Someone asked me on the FB fan page the other day, how I get Dad’s to take their shirts off. LOL. They aren’t all comfortable with it, but those that can be persuaded, I sure do try to persuade. Because I feel like it really creates a whole different look of natural beauty. An organic, raw, emotion evoking feel. I post these shots a lot so that people, and potential clients can see this, and maybe understand why I “go there” with shirtless Dads. Of course I understand why some Dad’s don’t want to, and I completely respect that and don’t push. But, Fiona & Tuvosa’s Mom asked me specifically when she was booking with me, if we could do shirtless Daddy/naked baby shots, because she knew how lovely they would look with the skin tones together. She was SO right, and I was really thrilled the she specifically requested this. I got on a roll with it, and their Daddy, “Ta” as they say in Fiji, was so smoothe and natural with his little one’s. So many of the shots I captured were candid moments, and completely unposed. Always some of the best 🙂 Enjoy.


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