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Brynn & Baylee turn ONE! | Southern Oregon Baby Photographer

These gorgeous baby girls were so fun recently at their 1 yr session! They definitely have very different personalities, and Miss Brynn is usually our very reserved and cautious one who is hard to get to crack a smile. She was on a whole new level this time though and gave so many beautiful smiles […]

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Finley turns ONE! | Southern Oregon Baby Photographer

This sweet girl turned 1 recently and came to see me for the last of her baby planner sessions. She has always been the quiet observer, very cautious and a careful thinker. Its incredible to see their personalities develop over the first year. She has changed so much, but is also still that sweet baby […]

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Jace turns ONE! | Southern Oregon baby photographer

It has been a whole year since I saw this sweet boy at his newborn session, and oh my gosh how his personality has developed! He still had all of that amazing blonde hair at his newborn session, but a year has really allowed so many amazing characteristics to come to life in his little […]

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Macy turns ONE! | Southern Oregon baby photographer

Ok, time for me to break it down and be a mushy mess taking a walk down memory lane. It is so funny, and sweet to me that in passing conversation with misc clients I’ll make a reference to Macy without saying her name, or my dear friend, the family, etc. and people will immediately […]

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Greyson turns ONE! | Southern Oregon child photographer

Good heavens, this little man was so fun at his 1 year session! Total boy, and that of course is the best. I love this age because they are just starting to get independent and their personalities are total exploding, it’s just captivating to see. Greyson did great for his portraits, we were able to […]

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