Carsen turns ONE! | Southern Oregon baby photographer

Gah!…Another one of my precious baby planners has graduated. It is so bittersweet. I know I will see them for photography purposes, according to Mom, for the rest of their lives (LOL!)…but still. I get attached to my little clients, especially seeing them every 3 months for that first year, and being a part of the family’s dynamic change as they bring another baby into the world. Its such a priveledge and honor, and I do get a little sad after that year is up. I love this family so much! In fact, part 2 of C’s session was shot early on a Saturday morning, so Mom and I made a deal that we would both come in sweats, no makeup, etc so we could still relax. Ha! You know you’ve made the jump from client relationship to a real friendship when you can do that! I figured today was a great day to share this extra long peek into their session, since it is Momma’s birthday! Happy Birthday Jess, love you guys to the moon and back! xo

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