Brandy’s Birth Story | Southern Oregon Birth Photographer

Capturing the labor and delivery of my clients, is one of the most rewarding parts of this job. A job I love anyway, but being a part of these tender yet dramatic birth stories gives everything a greater meaning. It keeps me motivated in between, and inspired. I’m grateful for what it gives to me, artistically on a career level, as well as spiritually maybe you could say?….on a personal level. I think we all see, or hear of, so much bad in the world on a daily basis. That you can’t allow to bring you down, or to become something that is too forefront in your mind mostly. But somehow in these moments standing next to Moms and the team of inspiring people so dutifully trained to do this great work, all of that is silenced. Everything is right in the world, and balanced, and wonderful. For a short time. Odd I realize, to pull all of this from moments where you witness a person at possibly the most painful time in their life, but that is just the kind of magnitude it all has. Just so incredible.

This is Brandy’s birth story, in photos. A skilled OB nurse herself, she had no doubt that would help her in this process, but acknowledged the challenges it might bring as well. Ignorance is sometimes bliss, and knowing every possible outcome and potential turn of events, was on the edge of her mind as well. But, so gracefully….she sailed through this journey and labored so quietly and focused. She wanted an unmedicated waterbirth, with the moments after delivery as critical to her birth plan as the labor and delivery itself. It was so beautiful that it all came together exactly how she had hoped. Here is her story.

Sidenote, don’t mind the sometimes very noisy photos, these kind of births generally happen in near dark, which is hard on a natural light photographer! But, obviously using a flash in a birth space is out of the question. We still captured it all though 😉



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