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I wanted to take a minute to allow my personal and professional lives to converge, and share that with you all. My younger Sister gave birth to my first, most handsome newphew Jorden on May 18th. He came into the world at 38 weeks, as she was sent to the hospital for an induction per high blood pressure/pre-eclampsia. We all expected him to be a chunky little 9-ish pounder, but he showed up at 6lbs 11oz. With a head FULL of thick dark hair. And what we think will be blue eyes! Oh, and looking like a clone of his Daddy. Too cute for words. So, the plan all along was for me to first and foremost, be there as a supporter. Family member, sister, Auntie. And secondly, as the birth photographer. But, having a housefull of my own brood, that is, 3 under 2 and 1/2, and twins that dont sleep worth a darn, meant that I had to buzz home for the night in hopes that I could make it back in time when things started progressing. Well, I got the call at 2:30 in the morning that she had jumped from 2cm to 7cm in a half hour! And 15 minutes later I got the call that she was pushing. Anyway, long story short, I missed the actual birth. My heart still breaks every time I think about it. But I was there about 15 minutes later, and he was still on the warmer. So I got what I could. What I could actually see through all of the tears of joy I was shedding. I love my nephew to pieces, and I am so proud of the wonderful Mother my baby sister is to him. Here’s a few from Jorden’s “Birth Day”.

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