Ash & Brian – engaged | Southern Oregon professional wedding photographer

Such a bittersweet post. My baby sister is engaged, to a great guy who makes her giddy and loves her to the moon and back. They gave me my first nephew, so Brian was family from that day forward. But, this is just them finally sealing the deal. My sister deserves happiness more than anyone. She has a huge heart, is passionate, loyal like nobody I know, crazy smart, a strategical and efficient problem-solver, trustworthy (believe me, she knows ALL of my dirt!), incredibly driven, loves one hundred and fifty percent, is an AMAZING Mother, sister, daughter, friend. She is my best friend. Even though she lives such a mature and adult life, and has a baby and family of her own now…..I will always see the toe headed little girl with pigtails that my Dad calls “Dolly”. I didn’t dare wear pigtails because if I did, she’d rip them out. That was her go-to defense method when we got in knock-down-drag-outs as kids. I’m happy to say that in the end I suffered little hair loss, and to this day still have an obnoxiously full head of thick hair, and a scalp that has brazenly endured all of the wrenching and ripping that 3 little boys can deliver to it! Thanks for that Sis….they say everything painful in life prepares you for something down the road….it finally all makes sense. 😉 I swear that at my matron of honor speech, I wont say that I wish them a lifetime of happiness. That generic, cliche statement that everyone uses. Because a lifetime of happiness wouldn’t be enough. She deserves more than that. Such an incredible person, who has shaped my life, been a strong shoulder for me in any instance I can remember, and always lifts everyone around her up. I love you more than I could ever express Ash, and am deeply grateful and incredibly blessed to be able to stand by your side in a few short months as you take this next amazing step in life. XOXOXOXOXOXXXX!

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