6 month baby planner Reece | Southern Oregon baby portrait photographer

This is one of my ADORABLE baby planners, Reece. Its hard to believe its has already been 6 whole months since I photographed him as a newborn. He still has that amazing head of hair, which I am in love with. I know Mom will be making the tough decision very soon to give him a haircut, so I was happy that we got to capture it one last time before it was gone (or less). Sarah and I have known each other for a long time, and that is one of the pieces of my business that I love. Seeing old friends, and staying caught up as they bring their babies and families to me for portraits. After seeing the nursing sessions I did earlier this month in honor of national breastfeeding awareness week, S asked me if we could capture some of those intimate shots for her as well at Reece’s 6 month session. I was MORE than happy to do so, because these images are irreplaceable, relatable to so many, and deeply emotional. I think with every expression viewers see in the Mom’s eyes, they get pulled back to the special moments and feelings they experienced while nursing their own babies. It is something that all of us who have had the priveldge of doing, never want to forget. So these images are imporant, and deep for clients. It was great seeing you guys again, cant wait for the next one! Enjoy your preview 🙂

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