4 month old twins F & T | Southern Oregon twin baby photographer

We spent some time this weekend snuggling another set of twins, other than our own. Meet Fiona & Tuvosa! These 4 month old sweeties are GORGEOUS Fijian-American’s and I am so jealous of their perfect complexions! Just stunning. Baby girl was social and anxious to be in each and every shot, but baby boy was a little more on the reserved side (true to typical twin nature). It gave me extra time to cuddle and soothe him, and as I was cradling him to sleep, I looked down at him and he let out a huge belly laugh! And then just kept laughing away for several more minutes at me! I think I will remember it forever. I’ve never heard a baby that age laugh like that, and it was purely contagious AND adorable! It was great meeting all of you, I sure hope you enjoy your preview 🙂

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