3 month old Lydia & her parents | Southern Oregon baby portrait photographer

I must admit, it often times can be a tid-bit challenging – even for the most experienced – to photograph 3 month olds. They aren’t really able to hold their heads/bodies up well yet, and you don’t want every shot of them to be laying down, and they are still very much babies which means that you have a very short time frame where they are happy. So it takes a ton of creativity, and spontaneous ideas, and a certain level of charisma in working with them, plus Mom and Dad helping to keep the mood happy and light. And it takes a whole bunch of other things too. But I seriously, seriously lucked out with Miss Lydia! She has the most contagious smile on the planet, and was completely joyful the entire session. Someone on my facebook fan page commented on the photo of her in the maroon hat, that she has “Mona Lisa eyes”. I thought, WOW! She really does! Just beautiful! Her Daddy mentioned to me before we started, that she has beautiful blue eyes, and they really wanted to capture that. I get a lot of wonderful compliments about how I make my client’s eyes look so stunning (thank you all, truly). And let me tell you, it’s not because I edit them that way. It’s all about finding the right light, and knowing how to shoot well in that light. Having total control of your camera settings. Oh and, having clients with naturally amazing eyes…really is the main ticket 🙂 And now I’m done babbling! L & S, it was so nice to meet you both and your beautiful daughter! It was incredibly tough to chose just a few for your preview, so just know that there are a lot more fabulous ones coming once your gallery is completed. Enjoy!

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