18 month old Grace | Southern Oregon Childrens Photographer

This session was one of my favorite’s to date. That’s probably a given, considering I was working with some of my favorite people in the world…my own extended family. Grace is the stunningly beautiful little girl that is the daughter of my cousin Chris, and first grandchild of my Aunt and Uncle (Chris’s parents). I think being a photographer that works with young ones a lot, requires some extra qualities. Patience! Number one. Creativity. Ability to distract, and bribe. Ability to engage with children who don’t know you well. Speed (for chasing, and catching shots in the .5 milla-second that the child is actually giving you the most desirable/natural smile). And having an eye for the candid shots. Plus, a million other things…but those are the main characteristics that are required of children photographers. Grace definitely tested all of those, and I think (hope) that I passed the test again. Anyway, I’m digressing. She is beautiful, feisty, sweet as sugar, and smart as a whip! I always have new, fresh ideas for props and sets…but usually just have to wait for the right client to come along to bring the idea to life. I’ve been kicking around this lemonade stand idea for a while, and when they told me they would be bringing Grace down to see me for portraits…I knew she was the prefect one to do it with. Everything came together seamlessly, and I love how well she did with the entire table of goodies. Her Mom and Dad may want to kill me however, for introducing her to pink lemonade! After she took one sip, she wouldn’t put her glass down. Haha. Anyhow, I had a blast with her and the rest of my family that came with! I hope you guys enjoy the preview 🙂 XOXO

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